Watzlawick`s 5 axioms of communication 

Watzlawick`s 5 axioms of communication

hi all,
watzlawick has described the world famous so called
====> 5 axioms of communication.
Study them because they will tremendously help YOU in your private life + your biz life.

best wishes
you can find them here

He defines 5 basic axioms in his theory on communication that are necessary to have a functioning communication between two individuals. If one of these axioms is somehow disturbed, communication might fail.

* One Cannot Not Communicate (Man kann nicht nicht kommunizieren): Every behaviour is a kind of communication. Because behaviour does not have a counterpart (there is no anti-behaviour), it is not possible not to communicate.

* Every communication has a content and relationship aspect such that the latter classifies the former and is therefore a metacommunication.: This means that all communication includes, apart from the plain meaning of words, more information - information on how the talker wants to be understood and how he himself sees his relation to the receiver of information.

* The nature of a relationship is dependent on the punctuation of the partners communication procedures: Both the talker and the receiver of information structure the communication flow differently and therefore interpret their own behaviour during communicating as merely a reaction on the other's behaviour (i.e. every partner thinks the other one is the cause of a specific behaviour). Human communication cannot be desolved into plain causation and reaction strings, communication rather appears to be cyclic.

* Human communication involves both digital and analog modalities: Communication does not involve the merely spoken words (digital communication), but non-verbal and analog-verbal communication as well.

* Inter-human communication procedures are either symmetric or complementary, depending on whether the relationship of the partners is based on differences or parity.

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